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  The Core Group Theory Community of Practice  
The core group, as described in Art Kleiner’s recent book Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege, and Success, isn’t just the people at the top of the hierarchy; it is that group of people in any company whose interests and priorities are taken into account by people who make decisions. Organizations may espouse all sorts of values and ideals, from enhancing shareholder value to fostering a better workplace or making a better world; but when the chips are down, they’ll move first and foremost to help the core group.

Effective organizations need effective core groups, and in federated organizations, where there are dozens more core groups, there is a chance for far greater effectiveness. There are other benevolent effects: far more people get an opportunity to be at the center of an organization. To be sure, there are risks; an inexperienced or poorly prepared core group member can have devastating effect on an organization.

But in a federated organization, where attention is paid to developing and cultivating the awareness of core group members, the risks are mitigated by the sheer diversity of opportunity. There are more chances for core group members to be great, and few chances for a self-indulgent core group to overwhelm the system.

“The practice of Core Group Theory is the gateway to thought leadership that is guiding today’s emotionally intelligent leaders to learn and practice."

• authentic leadership
• capacity building
• social network analysis
• a new accounting – intangible asset valuation
• an integrative system of benefits, compensation and professional development.

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Practitioner Bios

Art Kleiner - - Core Group Theory Thought Leader
A visionary and pragamatist all in one! As a visionary, he captures his audience through a foundation of organizational learning that reports on actual strategies and forms of organization that are working now through learning, practical application and dialogue.

It is Art’s visionary thinking that launched the practice of CORE GROUP THEORY. His ability to synthesize other thought leadership and how it contributes to organizational culture and change shows through his authorship of articles and books over the last 20 years.

Art is an unusual person who has synthesized a network of practice through his network of intelligence as an author, consultant and evolutionary thought leadership.

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Karen Stephenson – - Social Network Architect
Karen Stephenson as a maverick with a talent for attracting and codifying organizational knowledge and identifying how people organize and link their work practices to codify corporate assets. Karen is a faculty member of Harvard School of Design and anthropologist, she has organized a systemic approach to capturing and tracking patterns of work and identifying who is contributing and how to form intangible and tangible assets that codify a company’s knowledge base.

Karen’s consultation, analysis and KnowledgeBanking provide the knowledge to Core Groups on how their mission translates and works in social networks of people (employees, outsources, consultants) carrying out the company mission. When the Core Group does not have that mission, the Core Group can learn from Karen’s approach and method why assets are being codified and what and who is building these assets without a clear mission or conscious leadership.

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Baruch Lev
An accountant and academic researcher based at the Stern School of Management at NYU. Over 20 years ago, Lev identified that the basic practice of accounting was systemically undermining the profitability and growth of a business.

Lev has codified a method of accounting that measures and tracks intangible and tangible assets. By creating this new frontier in accounting practice, Lev advises the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Accounting Standards Board, OECD, the European Union, and the Brookings Institution. Lev is an expert witness giving testimony to the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

What is unique about his curricula vita is that he is teaching accountants and experts who set the trends in asset management through actual legislation, certified methodology. While he consults, his focus is on teaching and publishing academic papers that are pushing for a new thought leadership rather than devising as system of IP for consulting.

Lev understood before anyone the value of knowledge management and began to define the basis for thinking about the value of intellectual property. Lev’s codification is the foundation for any system of metrics for intelligent Core Groups.

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Lavinia Weissman

Lavinia is a self-generative learner and collaborator. As a capacity builder and leadership coach, Lavinia mentors teams of people and leaders to the accomplishment of goals, measurements, and objectives and effective leadership of interdisciplinary teams in the context of Core Group Theory.

As a wellness practitioner, Lavinia is introducing thought leadership into the practices related to worker health, compensation and education. She guides her clients in the adoption of practices where successful careers do not depend on institutions. Her clients become more reliant on membership into informal core groups that deliberately form out of professional associations and personal leadership.

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The Core Group Theory & Practice Forum

The Core Group Theory and Practice forum is seeking sponsors/partners for a Spring time launch of this community in the New York or Boston, The funding requirement for this meeting is $25,000. This initial 3 day meeting will be by invitation only and each participant will fund his/her participation. As part of the agenda the community will design it’s future plan, activities and learning agenda.

The profile of individuals attending this meeting will be thought leaders and executive leaders with accomplishments in the non profit, corporate, ngo and government sectors who have exercised a thought of basic goodness and competence to build a system of practice that is instilling an authentic leadership of ethic and sustainability through. This mix of this group will be people who are Core Group Leaders or members of a social network who are measuring impact with new work practices and thought leadership in the context of Core Group Theory.

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